The Dos And Don’ts Of Working Out During Periods

To some, exercising during your monthly period seems like a far-fetched idea considering you are already experiencing uncomfortable sensations like cramps and bad bloating. But the truth is, working out during periods is actually recommended by fitness professionals as it gives more benefits to your body.

And if you want to know more, then we suggest that you continue reading this guide as we are going to share some of the things that you can do and what you need to avoid while exercising during menstruation.

Debunking Common Myths Associated With Working Out During Periods

debunking myths period workout

1. Inversions And Intense Exercises Will Affect The Intensity Of Your Period – This is a wrong assumption since inversions won’t prolong your menstrual cycle. In the same manner, engaging in an intense workout doesn’t necessarily have a negative impact provided that you are well fueled and properly hydrated.

2. Avoid Water Exercises As You Can Bleed In The Water – This is also untrue. In fact, it is highly unlikely that you are going to bleed underwater as your vaginal cavity is shaped like an upturned boat. In addition, your uterine lining prevents any fluid from your vagina to leak out. So there’s no way that you are bleed in the water during your monthly period.

3. Heavy Flow Of Blood Could Cause Me To Pass Out During Exercise – Most women often think that having a heavy blood flow during the monthly period can lead to anemia. And that is why they tend to avoid doing exercise as there is a possibility that they can pass out. But the truth is, working out during periods actually allows the red blood cells to be circulated efficiently into the bloodstream.

What To Do When Exercising During Monthly Period?

Here’s what you need to do when working out during your monthly visit:

1. Consult your OB-GYNE first before engaging in a workout routine. This way, they’ll be able to recommend the best exercise that you can do based on your present physical condition while having a period.

2. Consider doing light exercises such as walking, light cardio, and light aerobic exercise as it helps your lungs to function better after your period according to research.

3. Aside from that, power-based activities and low-volume strength training are also recommended as experts say that the ability to increase physical strength is greater during menstruation. Likewise, Yoga and Pilates are also suggested to reduce symptoms of cramps, muscle fatigue, and breast tenderness.

What To Avoid When Exercising During Monthly Period?

things to avoid menstruation

1. Cut back on intense endurance and cardiovascular training.

2. Eliminate precision training during these days and resume training when the period is over.

Final Thoughts

Overall, working out during periods is absolutely okay as there is no scientific reason that says that you need to skip exercising during these days. So continue to exercise during your monthly visit and make sure to follow the tips we have mentioned above to achieve positive results.

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