Combination Of Exercise Training & Healthy Diet

exercise training healthy diet

Exercising has long been proven to be an effective method of staying fit. And yet, when we talk about exercise it also follows the importance of a proper diet? But have we ever wondered why exercise is always associated with a healthy diet? And why do experts agree that it will yield better results if…

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Exercise Routines For People With Hypertension

exercising hypertension

Hypertension has always been considered as a “silent killer”. In fact, it’s a condition that affects 30% of Americans (ages 30 to 69 years old) and a leading cause of death in the country (up to 60,000 fatalities every year) up to this day. Luckily, proper diet and exercise have been proven to be effective…

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The Dos And Don’ts Of Working Out During Periods

workout menstrual period

To some, exercising during your monthly period seems like a far-fetched idea considering you are already experiencing uncomfortable sensations like cramps and bad bloating. But the truth is, working out during periods is actually recommended by fitness professionals as it gives more benefits to your body. And if you want to know more, then we…

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Exercise Tips From Pro Athletes


Professional athletes have bodies like gods and goddesses. And at times, we tend to wonder how they manage to stay fit all the time. Is it in the genes? Or is it about the food they eat? Or does it have something to do with their fitness regimen? If you happen to come across this…

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How To Prevent Muscle Pain After Workout

prevent muscle pain after workout

Starting a workout program is never easy. It can be challenging in the sense that you have to make time to exercise while creating a well-balanced routine. And if achieving your goal is hard enough, how about the fact that you have to experience muscle soreness? A sensation that comes as your muscle needs to…

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