What Strength Exercise Training Brings Aside From Building Muscles

If you’re planning on building bicep muscles or have a carved abdominal area, then the best exercise to do is strength training. In fact, it is one of the most common workouts that most men do to achieve that sexy, sculpted body.

But did you know that engaging in this type of exercise can also bring a lot of benefits to your body? If you’re interested to know more, then stick around as we are going to talk about what strength exercise training brings aside from building muscles in today’s blog post.

Lower Abdominal Fat

belly fat

In a 2010 study conducted by Harvard, researchers have found out that strength training is very effective in preventing an increase in abdominal fat. And this fact is based on 10,500 male participants who engage in strength training for 12 years.

The reason for this is that when you do strength workouts, you are not only burning calories but also increasing lean muscle mass. And as a result, it also increases the metabolic rate which prevents the body from storing fats in the abdominal area and the body, in general.

Regulated Blood Sugar Levels

No doubt strength exercise training is a vital component for muscle building, but it actually does more than that because it also conditions the muscle to improve blood sugar absorption.

To explain further, our muscle cells absorb glucose from our blood and use it for building muscle fibers. And strength training stimulates the transporters from our muscle cells to absorb as much glucose as possible which leads to a decrease in blood sugar levels in the body.

That’s one of the reasons why people with Type 2 diabetes are recommended to include this exercise in their fitness routine.

Better Cardiovascular Health


Did you know strength-focused workouts can also affect your cardiovascular health? Abdominal fat or also known as visceral fat is a type of fat that sits around our body’s vital organs. And too much of visceral fat can cause your vital organs to function improperly especially, the heart.

So preventing and reducing abdominal fat by means of strength fitness training can actually improve your heart’s health.

More so, people who engage in strength training produce more good cholesterol, better triglyceride levels, and improved blood pressure – all of which are necessary components to better cardiovascular health.

Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

And most important of all is the fact that strength exercise training also reduces the development of cancer. As previously mentioned, visceral fat not only affects the way our vital organ works but it also causes diabetes, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and even cancer, And the reason for this is that it produces FGF-2 which triggers the body to form cancer tumors.

So if you’re planning to live longer and be free from cancer, then it’s recommended to do strength exercise today.